Your Guide to PectaSol-C Professional

With over 76 published studies, PectaSol-C® Professional is the original and only proven form of modified citrus pectin, derived from citrus pith and modified to precise molecular weight and structure. This specialized modification process ensures bioavailability via absorption into the circulation, and gives PectaSol-C professional its broad-spectrum bioactivity resulting in systemic benefits for healthy cell, tissue, and organ function.*

PectaSol-C® Professional is a natural inhibitor of galectin-3. Research shows that blocking galectin-3 in the circulation supports healthy aging, cellular function, cardiovascular health, normal immune response, and other key benefits.*

PectaSol-C® Professional comes in three convenient forms, Powder (Unflavored or Lime-Fusion), Capsules or Tangerine Chewables.



Tangerine Chewables

Find the Perfect Dose

PectaSol-C Professional is a powerful, natural solution for total-body wellness - at ay dosage. However, published clinical research and decades of clinical use shows you can achieve the best results with 3 servings (15 grams) per day of powder or capsules (it is not recommended ot exceed one dose of chewables per day).

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How to Mix PectaSol-C® Professional Powder

Fork + Warm Water Method

Shaker Bottle Method

Hand Held Mixer Method

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