Clinical Synergy® Professional Formulas offer unparalleled integrative health solutions, with powerful synergistic benefits not available anywhere else.

Our Story

Clinical Synergy’s original line of formulas and protocols provide evidence-based solutions to address a range of unmet needs in the integrative clinical space. Our unparalleled ingredients and formulas  deliver powerful synergistic results for today’s most critical areas of health.

We have collaborated with renowned universities and medical research institutes, including Harvard University, Columbia University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and others, to substantiate our formulas and protocols — allowing us to provide extensively researched, proven effective, and clinically trusted solutions that can make a difference in your patients’ lives.

From the first pilot study on PectaSol-C in 1995 to the latest phase II clinical trial on PectaSol-C involving 60 patients and multiple renowned oncology centers, we are industry leaders in providing highly researched and clinically relevant health solutions for today’s most critical concerns.

Our mission is to partner with healthcare practitioners and improve patient health and wellness with physician-formulated, clinically effective ingredients, formulas, and protocols that deliver multi-targeted benefits for building — and sustaining — long-term health and wellness.