Supporting healthcare practitioners to improve their patient’s health and wellness with doctor formulated, research driven solutions.

Our Story

Clinical Synergy® Professional Formulas began out of the need to provide clinical-grade, extensively researched supplements, formulas and protocols exclusively to health practitioners—meeting the growing demand for evidence-based, clinically relevant solutions that effectively address today’s most critical health concerns.

Clinical Synergy’s parent supplement company was founded in 1995 by integrative medicine pioneer, clinician, and formulator, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc. Today, Clinical Synergy is proud to offer some of the most researched and advanced nutraceutical supplements that have been used successfully in clinics throughout the US and internationally for over 25 years.

We collaborate with renowned universities and medical research institutes including Harvard University, Columbia University, MD Anderson and others to substantiate our formulas and protocols—allowing us to provide extensively researched, proven effective, and clinically trusted solutions that can make a difference in your patient’s lives. From the first pilot study on PectaSol-C in 1995, to the recently published multi-center clinical trial on PectaSol-C involving 60 patients and multiple renowned oncology centers—we are industry leaders in providing highly researched and clinically relevant health solutions for today’s most critical concerns.


Our mission is to partner with healthcare practitioners and improve patient health and wellness with physician formulated, clinically effective ingredients, formulas, and protocols that deliver multi-targeted benefits for building—and sustaining—long-term health and wellness.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

As a renowned expert in the treatment of complex, chronic conditions, Dr. Eliaz developed Clinical Synergy’s original line of formulas and protocols because he saw the need for effective, and evidence-based formulas and ingredients to address his patient's specific health concerns. Clinical Synergy offers unparalleled integrative health solutions, with powerful synergistic benefits not available anywhere else.

Director of Sales
Christine Dannerth

Christine Dannerth brings many years of experience in health and nutraceutical science to her role as Director of Sales for Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas. She obtained a B.S. in Marketing from Colorado State Global University. Whether you have questions about products and protocols, want to dive into the published research, or would like to schedule a product training, Christine looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you in your practice and assist in choosing the best health solutions for your patients.

VP of Research & Development
Dr. Vijaya Juturu

Dr. Juturu is currently working as Vice President of Research and Development at EcoNugenics Inc. She worked as an Associate Director at Lonza CHI Inc. and the Director of Clinical Affairs at OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. Her research expertise is in cardiovascular nutrition. She conducts controlled clinical nutrition studies designed to evaluate the role of bioactive nutrients in health and disease. Her research focuses on the effects of bioactive nutrients on
established and emerging risk factors for the cardio-metabolic syndrome, vision health, bone & joint health, liver health, cancer, HIV/AIDS, metabolic health, and inflammatory disease conditions.

Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center

Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center was founded in 2001 by Dr. Isaac Eliaz and specializes in the treatment and prevention of many types of cancer, as well as immune function, chronic illnesses, environmental toxicity and other health challenges. Amitabha practices patient-driven, rather than disease-driven, medicine and works closely with patients to identify and achieve individualized health goals and wellbeing.

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