Clinical Synergy
Research Partnerships

Our commitment to research is our commitment to you, your clinical practice, and above all, your patients’ health and longevity.  

Clinical Synergy’s driving commitment to peer-reviewed supplement research is unique within the industry. Unlike many other supplement companies that rely on “borrowed research” not specific to their actual products, Clinical Synergy’s innovative ingredients and formulas have been independently studied by third-party research groups, with results published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Clinical Synergy products stand apart as some of the most studied and substantiated integrative health solutions, proven to deliver multi-targeted benefits for key organs and functions. Our formulas and ingredients are backed by hundreds of published studies collectively, offering safe and effective, evidence-based benefits, trusted to support optimal health and longevity. 

We’re proud to partner with renowned universities, medical research institutes, government agencies, and other scientific organizations to investigate, validate and substantiate our comprehensive solutions.  

Collaborative Research Partnerships:

- Harvard University 
- Columbia University 
- Johns Hopkins University 
- MD Anderson Cancer Center 
- Tel Aviv University, Israel 
- TUFTS University 
- University of Indiana  
- National Institutes of Health (NIH) 
- Boston University/Boston Medical Center 
- Cancer Treatment Centers of America 
- Hull University, UK 
- Mayo Clinic 
- Meir Medical Center, Israel 
- Nanjing University, China 
- National Institute of Health 
- Technion-Israel Institute of - Technology, Israel 
- University of Kansas