The Secret to Healing from Mycotoxins and Chronic Disease

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Founder and formulator of Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas, integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc brings over 25 years of research and clinical experience to offer patients a simple yet highly effective Mycotoxin Rescue Protocol, addressing the unmet need for gentle, clinically effective formulas and protocols to safely resolve mycotoxicity and compounding issues, with comprehensive benefits for immune regulation, inflammatory response, microbiome balance and gut wall integrity, and long-term health.*

Dr. Eliaz’s Mycotoxin Rescue Kit

PectaSol-C Professional + GlyphoDetox

Dr. Eliaz’s Mycotoxin Rescue Kit

PectaSol-C Professional + GlyphoDetox

Dr. Eliaz’s Mycotoxin
Rescue Kit

PectaSol-C Professional + GlyphoDetox


Dr. Eliaz’s 2-step Mycotoxin Rescue Kit goes beyond just mycotoxin binding and elimination to address multiple factors of mycotoxicity and related issues—for comprehensive, multi-system support.*

  • Binds and eliminates a broad range of of myco, bio, and environmental toxins*
  • Limits and prevents Herxheimer reactions (aka “detox crisis”)*
  • Modulates immune reactivity — reduces mast cell activation (MCA) and cytokine storms*
  • Regulates inflammatory signals upstream — reduces TGF-B, CRP, IL-6, others*
  • Breaks up biofilms and mops up toxic byproducts*
  • Enhances efficacy of other treatments*
  • Prevents toxin uptake and storage in organs and tissues*
  • Blocks mycotoxin biomarker MMP-9 to prevent toxin migration and redistribution*
  • Balances neurological function*
  • Supports optimal cell, organ, and tissue repair and function*

STEP 1: Clinically Proven PectaSol-C Professional Modified Citrus Pectin—Beyond a Binder

What is PectaSol?

There are binders…and then there’s PectaSol-C Professional—The #1 foundational solution for mycotoxins and related issues.

In a class of its own with over 75 peer-reviewed studies and 25+ years of patient success, PectaSol-C Professional is clinically proven to tightly bind and safely eliminate toxins from the body—while at the same time, delivering a multitude of unparalleled benefits to defend and restore long-term health and physiological function at the cellular level.*

The original and only proven form of modified citrus pectin, PectaSol-C Professional demonstrates an extensive profile of bioactivity and systemic benefits. Unlike regular pectin, PectaSol-C Professional is modified to a precise molecular structure that allows it to absorb into the circulation and provide foundational support through its unique mechanisms of action.*

How Does PectaSol-C Professional Help with Mycotoxins?

PectaSol-C Professional eliminates a broad range of toxins, AND the damage they’ve done.*

In addition to tightly binding and safely removing heavy metals, radioactive elements, and biotoxins, PectaSol-C Professional also binds to a protein in the body called
Galectin-3—the upstream “alarm protein” responsible for uncontrolled inflammation and organ fibrosis, overactive immune responses, gut dysbiosis, and many other upstream pathogenic processes that contribute to mycotoxin issues.

From cytokine storms and mast cell activation (MCA), to the upregulation of damaging compounds like TGF-B and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9)4 that wreak havoc on membranes and tissues like gut wall and blood-brain barrier, Galectin-3 is the trigger for numerous uncontrolled pathogenic processes related to cell danger response. Galectin-3 also forms the backbone of the biofilm structure, sequestering pathogens and toxins and evading your immune system.

Research shows Galectin-3 levels are significantly higher in people with mycotoxin illness, fueling uncontrolled inflammation and immune dysregulation.

When we bind and deactivate Galectin-3 with PectaSol-C Professional—the most researched Galectin-3 blocker—we can achieve powerful results for addressing mycotoxicity:

  • calm overactive immune and inflammation responses*
  • reduce MCA and hypersensitivity to environmental triggers*
  • block mycotoxin biomarker MMP-9 to protect against toxin redistribution
  • help reduce or eliminate herxheimer reactions*
  • break up biofilms*
  • allow other approaches to work better, including antimicrobials*
  • promote optimal immune surveillance and activity*
  • help protect and restore healthy cell, membrane, organ and tissue function*

These benefits add to PectaSol-C Professional’s safe and superior toxin binding actions, resulting in broad-spectrum, comprehensive benefits for rebalancing health and total-body function in the presence of mycotoxin-related issues.*  


Hear how PectaSol-C Professional helps

patients with mold and mycotoxin issues:

"An absolute lifesaver for my histamine and chronic Lyme issues. Love.Love.Love."

Wendy W.

"Love this product! We are taking it for mold detoxification. Definitely recommend this highly!"


"Best Toxin Binder I've taken! I have chronic Lyme disease, tick borne relapsing fever, chronic viruses, mycotoxin illness, heavy metal toxicity, countless food sensitivities, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, candida, and the usual mess of issues connected to tick-borne illness. I've tried many different toxin binders to go along with the botanical antimicrobials I'm taking. But I'm most impressed with Pectasol! Right from the start, I noticed improvement in overall health and reduction of troublesome symptoms. Usually my pain flare ups occur every 2 weeks and last about 2 days. Not long after starting this product, I had a flare up and it only lasted 15 hours (instead of the usual 48). The next flare up I had after that, the pain level and nausea were much less than usual--I was able to sit and color all day instead of having to lie in a dark room, unable to do anything. I was even able to eat, which is great b/c usually I can't eat anything during those 48 hours of pain & nausea, or I puke it all up. This week I had another flare up, and for the first time in ages, it was just neck pain and stiffness--no migraine, no nausea and no viral flare."

Lisa T.

"I am so happy I discovered PectaSol-C MCP and recommend it to everyone. Please take the time to do some research and read through the many studies and/or watch some of the videos with Dr. Eliaz discussing the many benefits PectaSol-C offers. PectaSol-C MCP binds toxins and heavy metals to assist with detox. It will lower Galactin-3 levels which will in turn reduce inflammation and improve your cardiovascular health and immune system. I have been taking first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I can feel a difference and believe you will too."

Amy R.

STEP 2: GlyphoDetox Professional—GI Detox and Gut-Brain Repair

What is GlyphoDetox?

GlyphoDetox is a first-in-class pesticide and biotoxin binding formula featuring 5 powerful positive and negatively charged binders that provide targeted detoxification support for pesticides including glyphosate, agricultural and environmental neurotoxins such as fluoride and bromide, as well as mycotoxins and biotoxins in the gut and circulation.*

GlyphoDetox contains fulvic acid, organic Icelandic kelp, sodium alginates, and unmodified citrus pectin. Glycine completes the formula as a powerful nutrient to support healthy neurological function, liver detoxification, and other key benefits.*

How Does GlyphoDetox Professional Help with Mycotoxins?

Multi-action binders in GlyphoDetox target a wide range of toxins that can contribute to mycotoxicity and mycotoxin issues— mycotoxins and biotoxins, pesticides including glyphosate, heavy metals, and environmental toxins—allowing them to be tightly bound and safely eliminated.*

These ingredients also provide essential nutrients for prebiotic nourishment and microbiome rebalancing, bowel motility and regularity, gut wall integrity, mineral replenishment, glutathione production and healthy liver function, thyroid defense, and healthy neurological function.*

Fulvic acid

Antioxidant and mineral-rich humic substance with powerful mycotoxin and pesticide detoxification properties in the gut and circulation. Supports healthy inflammation and immune responses, microbiome balance, gut wall integrity, antioxidant activity, and neurological function.*


An amino acid that defends neurological health against toxin exposure, boosts glutathione production and supports healthy liver detoxification. Supports gut wall integrity and repair. Glycine also competes at key receptor sites in the body to prevent pesticides like glyphosate from being stored as glycine substitutes.*

Organic Icelandic kelp

Binds to toxins including glyphosate in the gut, supports bowel regularity and gut wall integrity, nourishes microbiome, provides essential mineral support for neurological health, defends thyroid function, supports healthy immune and inflammation responses.*

Unmodified Citrus Pectin

Binds toxins including mycotoxins, pesticides and heavy metals in the gut, supports bowel regularity and gut wall integrity, provides powerful prebiotic microbiome nourishment.*

Alginate from seaweed

Provides targeted binding support for heavy metals, pesticides, and biotoxins in the gut, helps break up biofilms, prevents reabsorption of toxins into the circulation, provides powerful prebiotic microbiome nourishment.*


Hear how PectaSol-C Professional helps patients with mold and mycotoxin issues:

"I have been taking GlyphoDetox for seventeen days and I am already having less constipation, bloating and gas. I was also suffering from excess nasal mucus and phlegm, and every day I notice improvement."

Richard N.

"The product I was looking for! WOW! I'm SO glad I found this product. Having moved from Europe, where glyphosate is banned, I am so so happy to use this product, and I definitely feel my body cleansing itself of toxins."


"GlyphoDetox really cleanses and you can feel it working from the very first dose. After about the fifth day I could discern that I had better focus and more clarity, and that stronger sense of clarity continues. I also lost about six pounds, and my waistline is smaller; makes sense considering that lots of toxins hang out in your fat cells and muscle tissue. You can't drain out toxins without draining some fat as well. I am so impressed with this product."

J. Mosely

"Excellent product,really works,cleanse out your intestines, your belly turns flat quickly and unexpectedly. I will take this product for a long time."

Sylvia H.

What results will my patients get with the Mycotoxin Rescue Kit?

While timing and results vary based on individual health status, commonly reported benefits of the Mycotoxin Rescue Kit include:

  • Reduced sensitivity to environmental and dietary toxins and triggers*
  • Greater immune regulation and balance, reduced MCA*
  • Improved mental clarity*
  • Greater energy and vitality*
  • Reduced joint and muscle pain*
  • Improved gut function*
  • Enhanced results with other mycotoxin protocols*

Frequently Asked Questions


How are these products taken?

The Mycotoxin Rescue Kit is a simple, 2 step system that can be taken alone for powerful results, or it can be easily incorporated into other detox and health protocols to enhance benefits and reduce side effects of harsher treatments.*

Click here to view dosing protocol.


How long will my patients need to take these products?

While timing and results vary, many people with mycotoxin issues report feeling better and less reactive to mycotoxins and cofactors, within 1-3 weeks when using the Mycotoxin Rescue products. Depending on your patient’s unique health profile and treatment plan, resolution of mycotoxin issues can take 18 months or longer.

Who should take the Mycotoxin Rescue Kit?

Anyone with exposure to mold and mycotoxins, anyone with high toxic body burden, as well as anyone struggling with complex issues related to immune dysregulation and imbalanced inflammatory responses, can benefit from this protocol.  

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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