Simple, Pain-free, Clinically Researched Liver-Gut Detox Protocol

Simple, Pain-free, Clinically Researched
Liver-Gut Detox Protocol

Simple, Pain-free, Clinically Researched Liver-Gut Detox Protocol

Toxins are stored throughout the body in cells, organs, and tissues, and they also circulate in the bloodstream and absorb — or reabsorb — back into the body through the gut.

The big problem: Toxins that are not properly eliminated through the GI tract can damage the gut wall lining and contribute to leaky gut, allowing harmful microbes, chemicals, undigested food, and waste to enter the bloodstream. This in turn triggers inflammation, immune overreactions, and symptom flare-ups.

As industry leaders in clinically proven detox solutions, Clinical Synergy Formulas researched detox solutions work to safely bind and eliminate a wide range of toxins from the body, prevent toxin accumulation, and reduce detox side effects — while helping to repair the damage caused by toxins in cells, tissues, and organs.

We are pleased to share with you an exclusive physician-formulated program for optimal liver and galbladder health, created by Clinical Synergy founder and formulator Dr. Isaac Eliaz.

A few qualities that set our products apart:

  • Clinically proven and highly effective ingredients — yet also gentle (to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms or Herxheimer reactions)
  • Targets a wide range of toxins including heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and other environmental toxins and contaminants
  • Can be used as single products for daily detox and wellness support OR together for enhanced detox and long-term health benefits
  • Are synergistic with other detox programs your patient may already be doing — e.g., enhanced results, fewer side effects, and system-wide, total-body support
  • Deliver multi-targeted benefits to reduce toxic body burden while supporting and defending key organs and systems
  • Can work regardless of genetic detox impairments, SNPs, or other issues

… and much more!

Help your patients get their lives back with these advanced, highly effective supplement protocols!

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