Dr. Isaac Eliaz’s Neuro-Regeneration Kit

PectaSol-C Professional +
Pure Honokiol

Improve Your Patients’ Peptide Therapy
Results with Clinically Researched

PectaSol-C Professional
Modified Citrus Pectin

Dr. Isaac Eliaz’s Neuro-Regeneration Kit

PectaSol-C Professional +
Pure Honokiol

This clinically recommended 2 step protocol delivers powerful support for brain defense and neurological rebalancing—actively supporting cognitive function at the source*

Research shows that with specific strategies and researched ingredients, you can support and actively defend your patients’ neurological wellness, help them optimize cognitive functions, and restore overall energy and vitality, safely and naturally. Dr. Eliaz’s evidence-based Neuro-Regeneration Kit actively supports brain function and neurological wellness, for a brighter mood, balanced stress responses, greater mental clarity—with additional broad-spectrum benefits for healthy inflammation and immune responses throughout the body.*

This powerful system delivers broad-spectrum benefits for neuro-regeneration, neurotransmitter function, healthy neuroinflammation responses, and optimal neurological health and comfort. These researched ingredients work to support balanced stress responses, healthy mood, and deep, reparative sleep—giving you the essential support you need for healthy cognition, neurological health and overall vitality.*


A leading integrative physician and translational researcher, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, LAc, is an expert in the clinical application of peptides for optimal health and aging. His unparalleled model of medicine has allowed him to develop strategic peptide protocols that deliver enhanced results and prevent unwanted side effects.

Step 1 PectaSol-C Professional
Modified Citrus Pectin

Clinically Proven | The Most-Researched Galectin-3 Blocker

With over 75 peer-reviewed studies and 25+ years of patient success, PectaSol-C Professional is clinically proven to safely eliminate that can damage brain and neurological health—including lead, mercury, and radioactive elements—while at the same time, delivering a multitude of unparalleled benefits to defend and restore long-term health and physiological function at the cellular level.*1

How does PectaSol-C support brain and neurological health?

When we bind and deactivate Galectin-3 with PectaSol-C—the most researched Galectin-3 blocker—we get powerful neurological health and cognitive benefits, as shown in published studies. One study showed how PectaSol-C promotes blood-brain barrier integrity and defends brain health.*2,3

Actively Support and Defend Brain and Neurological Health

  • Supports cognitive health and function*
  • Supports healthy neuroinflammation responses*
  • Promotes healthy neurotransmitter function and communication*
  • Enhances GABA activity for relaxation and stress relief*
  • Supports healthy neuroregeneration and healthy nerve cell growth*
  • Supports deep, reparative sleep*

Step 2 Pure Honokiol — Natural Nootropic

Highest Potency and Purity Honokiol | Supercritical CO2 Extracted

Pure Honokiol is a powerful extract purified from Magnolia officinalis bark, that has been shown in hundreds of published studies to deliver comprehensive support for brain and neurological health, including neurotransmitter function, GABA support, neuroregeneration, healthy inflammation responses, potent antioxidant activity, and much more.4*

Pure Honokiol has the unique ability to cross the blood-brain and blood-cerebrospinal fluid barriers where it is shown to actively defend brain and neurological health through multiple mechanisms. It interacts with GABA receptors to promote relaxation, deep sleep, and healthy stress responses, support healthy neuroinflammation, and aid in the regeneration and growth of healthy neurons. Pure Honokiol is also shown to help defend against deposits in the brain, and promote optimal neurotransmitter communication to support mobility and overall vitality.5*

Clinical Synergy’s Pure Honokiol (98% pure honokiol) is produced with a superior supercritical CO2 extraction method, to ensure the highest potency and purity Honokiol extract available, with an extensive profile of neurological health benefits:

View Honokiol Benefits

  • Crosses blood-brain & barrier and works directly in the brain*
  • Supports GABA activity for healthy stress, mood and sleep support*
  • Supports neurotransmitter production including acetylcholine*
  • Promotes healthy neuroinflammation responses*
  • Powerful antioxidant 1,000 times stronger than vitamin E*
  • Supports healthy nerve growth and regeneration*

The Proven Power of Synergy:
PectaSol-C + Pure Honokiol= Enhanced Results

Published research shows that when taken together, PectaSol-C and Pure Honokiol work synergistically—producing even greater results for healthy inflammation responses and powerful antioxidant activity.6*


See how Dr. Eliaz’s Neuro-Regeneration Kit
works to support brain health:

Thank you to Dr. Eliaz for developing this simple, easy to use system. My brain is back!

Mikayla S.

I have been taking Dr. Eliaz’s neuroregeneration kit for about 2 months now. My memory and focus is better and I’m recalling everyday words more easily without having “senior moments”. I think the biggest difference so far has been my mood and energy. I feel much more balanced and energized

Paige M.

These two formulas feel like just what my brain and body needed for a really nice refresh. I feel clearer and calmer and I have more energy. Sleep is better too.

Tam G.

What Results Will my Patients Get with the Neuro-Regeneration Protocol?

While timing and results may vary, most people experience noticeable differences after 1-2 weeks of taking these researched formulas for brain and neurological support.

  • Healthy neuroinflammation responses*
  • Neurological support and defense*
  • Brain health and cognitive support*
  • Increased energy and vitality*
  • Balanced stress responses*
  • Deeper, more restful sleep*

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